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Missouri Trade Mission to Israel 2013

MO Visit to Sigma Aldrich 130217

Andrew Smolik of Missouri Technology Corporation (far left), Dave Alburty of InnovaPrep, EDI Business Development Associate Michael Platt and Dr. Carol Pranulis of InnovaPrep got “dressed up” for a special tour of Sigma-Aldrich Israel’s new cGMP manufacturing plant in Jerusalem.


During the second week of February 2013, two Missouri-based companies in the life sciences field visited Israel on a trade mission initiated by the Missouri Department of Economic Development.  The Sinclair Research Center of Columbia and InnovaPrep of Drexel had one-on-one appointments set up by EDI in its role of visit coordinator.  Accompanying the visitors on behalf of the State of Missouri was Andrew Smolik, Senior Associate of the Missouri Technology Corporation, the state’s R&D strategic cooperation arm.  His team focuses on growing entrepreneurship in the state of Missouri through investments in infrastructure and direct capital infusions into early stage, high-tech companies. 

In addition to meetings with potential business partners and strategic contacts, the group visited several major research hubs to learn more about the local life sciences community including the Weizmann Institute of Science, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and Hadassah University Hospital-Ein Kerem.  They were given a tour of the facilities and held meetings with key officials at each location.

St. Louis, Missouri-based, Sigma-Aldrich Co. welcomed the Missourians for a special presentation and in-depth tour of the company’s new contract manufacturing fermentation facility at its Jerusalem site.  Smolik presented a gift on behalf of the State of Missouri to Sigma-Aldrich Israel’s General Manager Dr. Yael Asscher in recognition of the company’s contribution to the economic growth of the state.