Hong Kong: Gateway to China



EDI now serves as the Israel Consultant office to Invest Hong Kong. 

InvestHK ( is the department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) responsible for Foreign Direct Investment, supporting overseas and Mainland businesses to set up and expand in Hong Kong.  It provides free advice and customized services to help businesses succeed in Hong Kong’s vibrant economy.  

As the Israeli representative of InvestHK, EDI is equipped to provide information and consulting on various topics, including: 

HK Buildings

  • Incentives
  • Tax and business regulations
  • Trademark registration and trade regulations
  • Business Networking
  • Sector-specific business opportunities
  • How to set up a business
  • Staff recruitment and training 




Trade and Investment 

Israeli companies and entrepreneurs have played an important role in Hong Kong’s business community. Hong Kong is Israel’s 5th largest trading partner in Asia and Israel is Hong Kong’s second largest trading partner in the Middle East.  In 2011, bilateral trade between the two markets reached approximately US$4.8 billion.  Hong Kong’s total export to Israel totaled approximately US$1.89 billion. 

Leading import items from Israel include diamonds, pearls, semi-precious stones, precious gems, optical products and telecommunications equipment.  Israeli companies also supply Hong Kong with a variety of semiconductors, electronic valves and tubes, and parts and accessories for office machines and computers. 

HK Box

Israel & Hong Kong 

Many of Israel’s leading companies are in Hong Kong, looking to secure a foothold in the Asian marketplace, and as a springboard to Mainland China.  The Israeli business community has long played an important role in Hong Kong’s development, with over 80 companies doing business in Hong Kong.  They are a diverse group involving telecommunication, high-tech, transportation, finance and cosmetics. 

Today, Hong Kong’s Israeli community amounts to some 4,300.  Over the years, Israeli culture, food and lifestyle have also left their mark on Hong Kong and helped to make it a truly cosmopolitan city.

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