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American Trade Newsletter #124

Middle East Regional Office
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To:       Regional Importers

From:   Seth J. Vogelman, Director, Trade

Date:   1 April 2014

Re:      American Trade Newsletter #124 – April 2014

  • 1403: Laboratory Separation & Material Processing Solutions
  • 1404: Frozen Food Products
  • 1405: Multi-Purpose Grow Bags for Plants
  • 1406: Products to Reduce Body Damage from Severe Radiation
  • 1407: Patented Hair Band System for Style & Novelty

Please find below our American Trade Newsletter #124, featuring companies and products from our client states of Delaware, Illinois, New Mexico & Pennsylvania.  All are looking for agents, representation or distribution in the region.  In order to receive additional information about any of these inquiries, please contact our office.  Also available are the complete offerings from any state our office represents.

We request that you send us your complete company details when asking for information on the American firms.  This will help us to get the US company to reply to you in a fast and efficient manner.


1403:  SFT develops innovative solutions for demanding separation and material processing needs.  SFT’s product family consists of three standard products lines for supercritical fluid extraction (SFE): 1. high pressure chemical reactors, 2. supercritical view cell and 3. custom design high pressure equipment.  SFT offers various laboratory services, including application feasibility studies and contract research to aid in establishing the relevance of supercritical fluid techniques to our customers’ applications.  SFT provides cutting-edge equipment and innovative, custom solutions for high quality separations and processing.  SFT collaborates with Fortune 500 businesses, major universities, government research centers and smaller specialized organizations worldwide to advance research in supercritical fluid separation, reaction chemistry and high pressure applications.  (NOT Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan or Oman). 


1404:  HCS can provide any type of frozen food product, including halal or kosher certified.  HCS loads containers for export at their facility; the containers are then returned to the rail where taken go to the port of loading.  HCS can handle any inquiry for frozen food products. 


1405:  Awesome Harvest’s Awesome Pot multi-purpose grow bags are ideal for urban gardening, patios, parking lots, vertical gardens, roof gardens, sculptural gardens, hydroponics, aquaculture, indoor, outdoor, erosion control, tree farming, major agriculture and home gardens.  Their patent pending self-mulching feature aids in insulation and keeps the growth medium protected from light.  This allows roots to extend to the top of grow medium, eliminating the dead zone common in open top containers. It achieves an approximately 20% greater root zone than possible in an open top container! 

The open-top grow bags are a more traditional grow bag great for multiple plants, and incorporating one of the Awesome Pot’s great features: a drawstring at fill line with eight attachment points and a drawstring at the base. This works well for cinching grow mediums, training branches and trellising.  The closed-top grow bags come with drawstrings at top, bottom and center, with eight attachment points each at the bottom and soil fill line.  Attachment points can be used for trellising systems without disturbing the roots.


1406:  Barexsior product lines are proven to reduce body damage from severe radiation.  Barexsior is at the forefront of developing these antidotes and the products we have are practical, based on the best currently available scientific evidence and can make a real difference.  Radiation Resistance Products include:  Emergency Rejuvenator for Bone Marrow, Antioxidant Defender, Black Shield (absorbs and neutralizes harmful radiation), Free Radical Eradicator and the Purifier.  All products are developed and produced in the US in compliance with GMP standards and FDA regulations.

1407:  OA offers a fully patented hair band system that folds, relieves painful pressure build-up behind the ear and has interchangeable tops that allow a woman to instantly change the style of her hair band.  Current product lines include the Halos and Hair Sweets Collections which are available in a wide variety of colors, styles and designs.  Both fold like a pair of sunglasses, thereby eliminating pressure points generally associated with traditional hair bands.  Their Hair Sweets Collection is a wider one piece hair band while our Halo Collection is fully interchangeable by sliding the top of the hair band off and instantly replacing it with another stylish designer top.  Both Collections are sure to keep a woman's hairstyle intact, while highlighting her appearance.  Looking for local distributors.  


In order to receive additional information about any of these inquiries, please contact our office.

You are also invited to send us product requests, for we can also attempt to source virtually any product from American manufacturers. We request you provide as many specifications as possible, for this will facilitate our search for you. This service is also free of charge concerning our American client states.

If you should have any further questions, or if we may be of any additional assistance, please feel free to contact our office at Tel: +917.338.3386 or at e.mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Best Regards.

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