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Investment Opportunities

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The following Israeli companies are looking for investments to bring their novel products to market.

We would be happy to provide additional information and to introduce you to the companies and their principals after your review and evidence of potential interest.

#5.  Remote Video Monitoring and Surveillance Solution

A leading provider of carrier-grade Remote Video Monitoring and Surveillance or VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) solutions, designed for Telco & ISP providers, monitoring companies and large IT integrators is developing a lifestyle platform for mass market.  The internet platform allows users to video and share live with friends on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube.  It includes a plug & play camera, which similarly to an iPhone or Kindle reader has a unique ID and can be moved from place to place and used from anywhere without needing to be configured.  Users can broadcast live to selected groups or to all friends while at a sports or other event, family gathering, etc.

Cooperation Sought:  Investment of $1,000,000 for first round, with $250,000 matching from original angel investors.  The investment relates to the entire company, including its ongoing VSaaS business.  Possibly seeking $4,000,000 in next round.


#6.  Social Event Promotion Platform

The company is developing an end-to-end platform for event promotion and ticket purchasing over social platforms.  The application appears on the organization's fan site on Facebook and links directly with the organization's ticket software.  For the customer, it enables social action around the event (social ticket purchase, location of seat, transportation to venue, etc.) over Facebook in a "socially smart way."  For the organizer, it enables the active promotion of events over social media with less effort and a lower advertising budget.  The company's customers include various sports and cultural organizations such as Maccabi Haifa FC.

Cooperation Sought:  Investment of $1,000,000 for product development, sales and marketing.


#7.  Device for Remote Monitoring & Management of Blood Infusion

The company has developed a proprietary medical device system that transforms both simple infusion pumps and gravity-driven infusion sets into "smart" devices that manage, monitor and enforce compliance of the entire infusion or blood transfusion process.  The system requires that any infusion/blood transfusion cannot be started until the health professional has verified at the patient's bedside that the medication that was prescribed for the patient is the one being delivered.  Once infusion has commenced, the system tracks and documents the process wirelessly, allowing caregivers to monitor progress remotely and take action as necessary.  In addition, the technology simultaneously transmits key patient information automatically to the hospital's information systems.  The product is also suited for use for CRO's or sponsors conducting clinical trials of I.V drugs and for management of home therapy Infusion.

Cooperation Sought:  Investment of $2 million total, including $250,000 immediately to match a grant from the Israel Chief Scientist which enable completion of engineering and prototypes.


#8.  Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Logistics Solution

A leading RFID System Integrator and Solution Provider that offers a wide range of RFID solutions in the fields of logistics, supply chain, manufacturing, health care, libraries and more has developed an internationally patented solution to trace goods on pallets and their location in a warehouse and in the supply chain, based on the RFID Technology.  The product consists of a portable sleeve mounted on a forklift tine which includes an RFID reader, battery and wireless communication to the controller mounted in the forklift cabin, RFID Pallets and RFID marked locations in the warehouse.  The solution provides the Warehouse Management System precise and real time information regarding the pallet ID and its' location in the warehouse.  

Cooperation Sought:  Investors and business partners to develop, manufacture and market the product.  Examples might include individuals or companies active or interested in RFID, logistics, forklift and related equipment manufacturing or wood flooring manufacturing.  Willing to sell the product's IP.


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Investment Opportunities

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