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December 2014 EDI News

Indiana Gov. Pence to Visit Israel at Year-End

Indiana Governor Mike Pence will make an official visit to Israel at the end of the year to meet with local political leaders as well as with Israeli companies interested in considering Indiana as a base for their US operations.  While in Israel, he will speak at an “Invest in Indiana” seminar as well as at a luncheon for Israeli business leaders sponsored by the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce.  EDI will coordinate the visit in its role as the regional representative of the Indiana Economic Development Corp.

Mississippi Trade Mission Led by Gov. Bryant in November

EDI coordinated the arrangements and business meetings for an 11 company trade delegation from Mississippi in Israel in early November.  The week-long mission consisted of two days of one-on-one business meetings, followed by a third day of in depth meetings along with two days at the Homeland Security Conference in Tel Aviv.  The US companies represented a wide spectrum of sectors with most seeking importers and distributors for their products in Israel. 

Concurrently, Mississippi Governor Paul Bryant was in Israel on an official mission to meet with political and business leaders in the country.   While in Israel, he delivered an address at the Homeland Security Conference on the subject of “The Importance of Operational Continuity and Data Fusion in the Management of Emergency Situations.”  In addition, he spoke at an “Invest in Mississippi” seminar held at the Sheraton Tel Aviv hotel for over 50 Israeli company representatives as well as at a reception for him organized in cooperation with the US Chamber of Commerce in Washington and the AMCHAM in Tel Aviv.  EDI organized both the economic and political tracks of the visit under contract to the Mississippi Development Authority. 

Michigan Business Bridge Executive Director Visits Israel


The Michigan Israel Business Bridge’s (MIBB) Executive Director, Pam Lippitt, was in Israel in mid-November to investigate potential business opportunities that will link companies in both countries with each other.  MIBB operates under a partial grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to increase the level of business activity between Israel and Michigan.  During the visit, Pam met with the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce, the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute, the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel and TTOs such as Yissum at the Hebrew University and Hadasit at the Hadassah Hospital.  EDI coordinated the visit on the Israeli side in its role as the local representative of MIBB.


EDI to Handle Four Delegations for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

During the November-December period, EDI, under contract to Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs will plan, coordinate and administer four consecutive week long visits of foreign delegations, to include:

  • Members of a think tank sponsored by the European Union
  • Rectors from Vietnamese universities
  • Rectors from the Vatican’s Catholic University
  • Academic delegation from the United Kingdom

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs invites various groups to come to Israel as part of its program to expose such groups to various aspects of Israeli society.  Each group spends 4-5 working days in the country meeting with their professional counterparts in Israel and experiencing the local culture.

EDI Participates in Annual Meeting of Worldwide Invest Hong Kong Representatives

EDI’s Jonathan Sternberg will be in Hong Kong in early December to participate in the annual meeting of InvestHK’s worldwide representatives.  Invest HK, the investment promotion arm of the Hong Kong SAR, recently notified EDI, after their traditional bi-annual tender process, that the company has been awarded a new contract for a second two-year period.  EDI started with Invest HK in January 2013 and has successfully met all of its goals for the first two year period, a rarity for new contractors working on behalf of InvestHK in foreign markets.

EDI to Participate in Middle East Commercial Center Meeting in Washington

EDI President Sherwin Pomerantz will be in Washington, DC in early December to participate in the US Chamber of Commerce-sponsored Middle East Commercial Center quarterly meeting.  The Center, a virtual activity bringing together the business communities in Turkey, Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, is the brainchild of the US Chamber of Commerce and Sherwin is a member of the Israel Coordinating Committee for the project.